Spontaneous Portraits

Recently, Levi, Poleev and I visited a favorite site to take sunset pictures.  It was around about 6:30 pm and we were in a rush to get to Lynchburg Ferry by the Houston Ship Channel before the sun would set in the horizon. Now you might think there is possibly no beauty to be found in such an industrial site with huge ships and refineries, but believe it or not I have captured some gorgeous sunsets at this place. Isn’t it ironic though that when you’re in such a hurry, something always happens to slow you down. Just when we were approaching the railroad crossing, the arms came down, the red lights blinked, and the horn blared to signal the arrival of a train. I was so worried that we could be stuck there for awhile and miss the sunset. But trying to be proactive, I quickly grabbed the camera and took pictures of the train as it rushed by.  Luckily, it wasn’t a long train and we soon proceeded to the park by the ferry.  I took my usual sunset and environmental pictures depicting the unique characteristics of the area.  I captured the sunset that I planned for yet the feeling of satisfaction wasn’t there.  Then, I started snapping shots of Levi and Poleev from afar as they were walking and later as they were sitting in a gazebo and I became excited with the results of the candid pictures. Suddenly I realized how awesome spontaneous portraits are.  There are no artificial lights or props just purely people being themselves and interacting with their environment.  After taking pictures of Levi and Poleev, I walked towards the water hoping to find more interesting shots to take. Much to my amazement, there was an entire family spending time together at the banks of the Buffalo Bayou. The dad, his brother, and son were busy trying to catch fish while the mom and young daughter were looking on. It was a great opportunity to take spontaneous portraits of people even though I didn’t know them.   I quickly bonded with the young mother though my Spanish was so awful. She was quite flattered with the attention I was giving to her family. I just regret that I didn’t ask for her address so I could send her copies of the poignant images that she willingly shared with me of her family. The only way I can repay her kindness is to show you, my blog readers, the universal emotions that her family experienced.

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Published by: freethecolors

Fun, creative, and humorous are words that describe me. I spend a lot of time with my family which consists of my husband, 4 children and extended relatives. I enjoy making and maintaining true and lasting friendships. Photography, writing, and music help express myself in artistic ways. I love all kinds of sports like basketball, volleyball, and tennis. I am a special education teacher in an urban school district. I feel it's my mission to teach children with disabilities and to be their advocate.

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