You Only Have One Chance

A few weeks ago, I visited the Houston temple and was greeted with a spectacular rare sight. The temple grounds was  blooming with pink and yellow tulips. I quickly snapped pictures to capture this beautiful display of flowers. Last Saturday, I came back hoping to see the flowers again. However, I was disappointed because they were all gone. I quickly realized that with some things in life, you only get one chance to see or experience. For that reason, I always have my camera with me. I don’t want to miss a gorgeous sunset, or poignant expression on a person’s face.  I need to be there to catch these moments that I may only see once and make sure that others will also see the things that I’ve seen. Only then can a small moment be forever…



Published by: freethecolors

Fun, creative, and humorous are words that describe me. I spend a lot of time with my family which consists of my husband, 4 children and extended relatives. I enjoy making and maintaining true and lasting friendships. Photography, writing, and music help express myself in artistic ways. I love all kinds of sports like basketball, volleyball, and tennis. I am a special education teacher in an urban school district. I feel it's my mission to teach children with disabilities and to be their advocate.

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