Supermoon Experience

Last night, Levi, Poleev and I went on another photography chase. We drove to Clear Lake Park to witness the rise of the supermoon. It is a natural phenomenon that happens each year when the moon is closest to the earth.  The closer distance makes it appear to be 15% larger than the usual full moon. Anyway, I was ready to take shots of this special event. I heard that the most picturesque moment would be when the moon rises just after sunset.  Through an optical illusion, the moon will appear gigantic in the horizon. Much to our dismay, we did not see the moon rise at all since it was covered by clouds. As we were driving home, I kept thinking to myself that it would take a year for me to see another supermoon. Then, Levi pointed out to me that the clouds were gone and the moon was completely visible.  When we got home, I quickly took pictures of the magnificent moon appearing above my neighborhood. This is what I love about chasing for a perfect shot. You think you have to go far to find one, yet they are usually closer to home.

Supermoon right above our neighborhood

my first time to see so much detail on the moon’s surface

Today, I read on Facebook that some of my friends witnessed the supermoon  last night. Judith, of Saratoga Springs, UT, wrote on her wall, “What a beautiful site of the super moon from my bedroom window.”  Naika, Honululu, HI, posted a picture of the moon at Waikiki. How great to know that they also experienced one of nature’s awesome “free” show.

Photo by Naika Addington – Supermoon near Waikiki


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Fun, creative, and humorous are words that describe me. I spend a lot of time with my family which consists of my husband, 4 children and extended relatives. I enjoy making and maintaining true and lasting friendships. Photography, writing, and music help express myself in artistic ways. I love all kinds of sports like basketball, volleyball, and tennis. I am a special education teacher in an urban school district. I feel it's my mission to teach children with disabilities and to be their advocate.

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