The Newest Attraction in Galveston

Last Monday, my family went to Galveston to see the newest attraction on Seawall Blvd.  As we arrived, everybody seemed to be walking towards one destination – The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier.  The first Pleasure Pier was built on the same  site in 1948 as a recreation center for the military.  In 1965, the pier was turned over to the city of Galveston and the Flagship Hotel was built in its place.   In 2008, the hotel was destroyed by Hurricane Ike and soon after plans were made to stimulate tourism in the area by restoring the original the idea of a  recreational pier.  The Pleasure Pier is designed to be a major tourist destination similar to the Santa Monica Pier or Coney Island’s Luna Park with restaurants, exciting rides, and games.


Jon Lee checking out the place


Pier information courtesy of


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Fun, creative, and humorous are words that describe me. I spend a lot of time with my family which consists of my husband, 4 children and extended relatives. I enjoy making and maintaining true and lasting friendships. Photography, writing, and music help express myself in artistic ways. I love all kinds of sports like basketball, volleyball, and tennis. I am a special education teacher in an urban school district. I feel it's my mission to teach children with disabilities and to be their advocate.

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